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MIyuki TSUgane's
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MIyuki TSUgane

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MIyuki TSUgane

   The artist Miyuki Tsugane was born in Nagano in 1972. Her hometown, Chino has a beautiful nature with a mountain called "Yatsugatake" which shows its chromatic contrast of its sunny days or translunary forrests like a painting in Japanese ink on misty days. Thanks to the environment, she, a sensitive small girl, was fostered to be an artist who can describe a subtle change in colors surrounding herself.

   Fascinated with Japanese tradition and its culture, the interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (Japanese traditional art).

   After completing her degree, Miyuki put herself in a Japanese cuisine to study  more deeply about her country and its climate. While then, she tried to reach to "wabi-sabi" that is known as a spirit of tea ceremony. Letting people feel some kind of sympathy for things missing, she started to use some garbages like old papers, cans or other materials that had thrown away by ex-owners. She painted them in beautiful colors or made some sculptures with them and present them in her exhibitions. She calls those series "SCRAP ART", which was actually what she had been doing from her childhood.

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